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    • Republic of Korea

    International Translators' Conference

    2008/10/08 to 2008/10/10
    LTI Korea has been promoting the development of professional translators since 2001. In 2007, LTI Korea opened the Korean Literature Translation Academy with a focus on practical training. Encouraged by last year’s success, three more courses were launched this year. The course participants were...
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    • Sweden

    Interview with the Editor of KARAVAN

    2003/11/09 to 2003/11/10
    About the Asian literature and Latin American literature focused on Sweden and in quarterly magazine Literary Magazine of karavan Birgitta valine (Birgitta Wallin) editor to visit Korea November 9 to 13 writers and Korea had relayed the interview. In 1999 the (former) South Korea Literature...
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    Choe Yun*

    1953 ~
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