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    • USA

    LTI Korea: The U.S. Forum

    2011/04/27 to 2012/05/02
    In October, we held the LTI Korea U.S Forum in Washington D.C., and poet Oh Se-young and novelists Oh Jung-hui and Yi Hye-kyung participated. Hosted by Propessor Choi Kyeong-hee of the University of Chicago on October 12th, "The K-Literature: An Evening with Korean Writers," was held with about 40...
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    • USA

    LTI Korea Forum in the western United States

    2011/04/27 to 2011/05/02
    The LTI Korea US West Coast Forum was held from April 27 to May 1 in Los Angeles and Berkeley. “Korean Society in Korean Literature,” “Korean Literature and Film,” and “Korean Authors vs. Korean American Authors” were the main themes of the forum, with Korean authors Kim Joo young, Choi Yun, Jung...
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    • United Kingdom

    Essay Contests on Korean Literature for Overseas Readers

    2009/10/26 to 2009/10/28
    In 2009, the Korean Literature Essay Contest was held in 16 countries with various designated works of Korean literature. The contest, launched in 2005 in three countries, has established itself as a major event in the field of Korean literature. In 2009, the contest was open not only to students...
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    • Republic of Korea

    International Translators' Conference

    2008/10/08 to 2008/10/10
    LTI Korea has been promoting the development of professional translators since 2001. In 2007, LTI Korea opened the Korean Literature Translation Academy with a focus on practical training. Encouraged by last year’s success, three more courses were launched this year. The course participants were...
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    • Sweden

    Interview with the Editor of KARAVAN

    2003/11/09 to 2003/11/10
    About the Asian literature and Latin American literature focused on Sweden and in quarterly magazine Literary Magazine of karavan Birgitta valine (Birgitta Wallin) editor to visit Korea November 9 to 13 writers and Korea had relayed the interview. In 1999 the (former) South Korea Literature...
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