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LTI Korea Forum in the western United States

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    LA. Berkeley
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    04/27/2011 to 05/02/2011
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    뉴욕 총영사관 관할 지역 5개 주(뉴욕주, 뉴저지주, 코넥티컷주, 델라웨어주, 펜실베니아주) 거주 고등학생 및 일반 성인


The LTI Korea US West Coast Forum was held from April 27 to May 1 in Los Angeles and Berkeley. “Korean
Society in Korean Literature,” “Korean Literature and Film,” and “Korean Authors vs. Korean American Authors”
were the main themes of the forum, with Korean authors Kim Joo young, Choi Yun, Jung Young-moon, critic Woo
Chan-je, and local scholars John B. Duncan and Christopher Hanscom taking part. Keeping in theme with the
first LTI Korea US Forum in 2009 that discussed ways for Korean literature to break into the US publishing
industry and the second LTI Korea US forum that looked at successful examples for Korean publishers to follow
as a working model, this year’s forum provided a reality check on the current reputation of Korean culture and
literature in the US.

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