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Kang Young-sook

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    1967 ~
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  • Her first story collection Shaken (Munhakdongne Publishing, 2002) attracted attention for capturing the female consciousness with grotesque imagination. Her second collection Every Day Is a Celebration (Changbi Publishing, 2004) dealt with the existential issues of life in a capitalist society from a broader social perspective. Her third collection Black in Red (Munhakdongne Publishing, 2009), depicts in a cool, understated tone the way in which people of the modern society come to meet and understand one another. Her fourth collection The Night He Lifts Weights (Changbi Publishing, 2011) is strongly colored by urban noir. The stories embody the anxiety of suffering city dwellers in mundane locales damaged by natural disasters. One of the stories in this collection, From Mullae won the Kim You-jeong Literary Award in 2011. The story portrays contrasting images of a female narrator living in a provincial city affected by foot-and-mouth diseases and a young artist living in a major city.


    Kang's full-length of novel, Rina, the novel bigins with a scene in which twenty-two refugees cross the border. They all escape with the hope of finding a Utopia in the land of P. What awaits Rina, however, is a chemical plant in the mountains, a desert-like field of salt, an isolated village, Siring, a town of prostitutes, and a large-scale industrial complex. Rina makes desperate efforts to settle down wherever she goes, but there is no place for her to stay. The journey of Rina, in which she crosses paths with all kinds of vulgar people, whose business it is to murder and rape, and deal in human trafficking, drugs, and prostitution, is described in a unique tone of black humor, it is difficult to tell reality from illusion in this novel. In the end, Rina goes in the direction of another border, not the land of P, demonstrating the time-old struggle between nations, or borders, and humans.


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  • Son premier recueil de nouvelles intitulé Bouleversé (Heundeullida, Éditions Munhakdongne, 2002) a attiré l'attention du public notamment avec ses thèmes féministes et grâce à l'imagination débordante du récit. Son deuxième recueil, Chaque jour est une fête (Nalmada chukje, Éditions Changbi, 2004), porte sur les questions existentielles de la vie dans une société capitaliste et englobe à ce titre une perspective sociale plus large que son premier recueil1.


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