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2 018
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Republic of China

The next event, Poetry Night, took place on August 24 at the same venue with Chong Hyun-jong and Chinese poet Wang Jiaxin. Local readers were introduced to Chong and his poem <Bangmungaek(Visitors)> earlier through the educational application 为你读诗 (‘The Poem for You’). Over 100 guests pre-registered for the event at the Korean Cultural Center in China. The event was emceed by chief editor Gao Xing of World Literature—a prominent Chinese literary journal—and began with a poetry reading, followed by a discussion between the poets and consecutive readings of the works of the poets with translations into each other’s language. During the discussion, Chong spoke with Wang about how he became a philosophy major-turned-poet and discussed his literary vision and preferred themes. Chong gave readings of <Cheondungeul Girineun Norae(A Song in Remembrance of Thunder)> and two of Wang’s poems, and Wang gave readings of Chong’s poems <Bangmungaek(Visitors)> and <Igae Museun Siganimnikgga(What Time is This)>.

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