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The International Literature Festival in Dublin

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    05/19/2018 to 05/27/2018
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The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) (President: Kim Sa-in) sponsored author Bae Suah’s participation at the International Literature Festival Dublin in Ireland.


Held in Dublin, the UNESCO City of Literature, the International Literature Festival Dublin takes place each spring and hosts a week of readings, discussions, debates, workshops, and agent meetings. This year’s event was held from May 19 to 27.


Bae’s event, titled “Korea Focus: Bae Suah” took place on Sunday, May 27 at the Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin. Writer and critic Mia Gallagher led the discussion on Bae’s novel North Station, focusing on a wide array of topics including Bae’s literary vision, her reasons for writing the novel, the characteristics of Korean literature, and the evolution of the world of Korean literature. Bae also responded to a reader’s question on her opinions on the English translation of her work, explaining, “I tend to allow my translators creative freedom,” and shared her own experiences as a translator of German texts. The autograph session and book sale table after the events showcased local readers’ great interest in Korean literature.


LTI Korea focused its promotional efforts at the International Literature Festival Dublin on North Station, released in the US by Open Letter Books in October of 2017 with translation and publication grants provided by the Institute. LTI Korea will continue to sponsor Korean writers’ visits to international festivals to host literary events and offer post-publication support for published works of Korean literature in translation, actively reaching out to foreign readers and creating a foundation for the further expansion of Korean literature in the world.

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