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Korean Classic Literature Event in São Paulo, Brazil

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    São Paulo
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    06/07/2017 to 06/08/2017


The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea, President: Kim Seong-Kon, professor Emeritus at Seoul National University) held a Korean classics event in São Paulo, Brazil, from June 7 to 8.
 Professor Sim Kyung Ho of Korea University’s Department of Classical Chinese gave a special lecture to the participants of a Korean classics translation workshop at 10 a.m. on June 7 in a Korean Studies classroom at the University of São Paulo,. The lecture was followed by a workshop completion ceremony.


The Korean studies majors who participated in the event had spent the previous three months translating ‘Sumguk Yusa for Children’. During the lecture, which was held in order to boost students’ understanding of Korean classics, Sim gave a comparative analysis of the characteristics of classical Chinese poetry in the ‘Samguk Yusa’ and those by Kim Si-seup (pen name: Maewoldang), among others from East Asian countries. The students were very receptive to the lecture thanks to the visual materials accompanying it, which allowed them to more easily understand Korean classics and poetry written in Classical Chinese.


On June 8, LTI Korea held a Korean classics symposium entitled ‘Literatura Clássica Coreana: Contos da Tartaruga Dourada’ in room 266 of the Prédio de Letras at the University of São Paulo. About 80 students attended the event, which was held to celebrate the publication of the Portuguese translation of <Geumhosinhwa> (Contos da Tartaruga Dourada, Liberdade 2017).
 The Korean studies majors helped to prepare for the event by making posters featuring the five works included in <Geumhosinhwa> and the poet Kim Si-seup to promote the symposium, and held an exhibition that garnered much attention.


The symposium began with a keynote speech from Professor Antonio Menezes, head of the Department of Korean Studies at the University of São Paulo, and a congratulatory address from Yoon Bu han, Assistant Director of the Division of Translation and Publication at LTI Korea. The event was an excellent opportunity to glean deep insights into the differences between the narrative characteristics of Korean, Japanese, and English classics.
 Professor Sim gave the first presentation, which was entitled ‘Kim Si-seup’s <Geumhosinhwa>—a Collection of Short Stories that Tell of Human Tragedy Through Bizarre Stories’. He was followed by Professor Neide Nagae of the University of São Paulo’s Department of Oriental Languages and Literatures, who gave a presentation titled ‘A Narrativa do Oco de uma Árvore’, discussing the Japanese classic ‘Utsubo Monogatari’. The final presentation, titled ‘Le Morte d’Arthyur’, was by Professor Sandra Guardini of the University of São Paulo, on the narrative characteristics of ‘Le Morte d’Arthur’.


The presentations were followed by a discussion session in which critics Nelson Ascher and Manuel Costa Pinto exchanged their opinions on the three works introduced in the symposium and the characteristics and differences between them. The audience also actively participated in the Q&A session, showing the passion students had for academics and the study of Korean classics.


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