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조지 할아버지의 6.25




    Author: Kyuhee Lee

    Genre: Children’s Literature (Elementary)


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  • About the book


    Korea remains the only divided nation in the world. Continuing at a long-standing ceasefire, the Korean War has still not officially ended. Grandpa George’s Korean War is the story of a young boy, Young-Hu, living in America, who meets a Korean War veteran, Mr. George Brown, and discovers the tragic history of the Korean War. Young-Hu, the main character, is a third-generation Korean born in America. Because he only uses English, he does not see the need to study Korean or to know about the country. But as he learns about the Korean War from Mr. Brown, he begins to look back on his roots. At Mr. Brown’s invitation, Young-Hu sings the Korean national anthem to represent the Korean people at the Remember 7/27 ceremony, an event for reflecting on the meaning of the ceasefire and for honoring the soldiers killed in the war. At the ceremony that day, a North Korean veteran, Ggot-Ji’s grandfather, as well as other veterans of the war, gather together to remember Korea’s painful history. This book is a fictitious story based on true testimonies by Korean War veterans. In order to relate an accurate account, the author interviewed Korean War veterans and acquired information from the organizer of a Remember 7/27 event. This book is not only about the war between North and South Korea. It also reveals three different perspectives through stories told by those who fought in the war from the North, the South, and America. It is a story of how hearts must unite with the hope that war will not break out again, because, in the end, everyone is hurt by war.


    About the author


    Kyuhee Lee is a prolific author of children’s books including, Ears Made of Clay, The Sandglass Comfort Woman, The Secret of Two Grandmas, Grandpa George and the Korean War, The Ancient Wish of a Big Tile-Roofed House, The Little King’s Tears, The Queen’s Red Dress, The Crown Prince’s Sorrow, and Two Trees. Through her stories, the author portrays Korea’s history, culture, hopes, and dreams. She received the Seyjong Children’s Literature Award along with many other literature awards.


    About the translators


    Laura Mun is a freelance translator. She has won two grants awarded by the Literature Translation Institute of Korea in children’s literature for the books, Sounds of the Geomgo, and Grandpa George’s Korean War. Originally from the United Sates, she has resided in Korea since 2003, where she currently lives with her Korean husband and two daughters.


    Media Response/Awards Received


    “This book relates events of the Korean War based on actual accounts from a Remember 7/27 ceremony for Korean War veterans.”

    -Yonhap News Agency


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