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Fates Tied to the Sea: I Like it Here by Han Changhoon


I Like It Here is a story of people who so love the sea that they themselves become the ocean. The stories are about a man who cannot let go of a boat that is no longer of monetary value to him, even as he watches his wife leave him because of his stubborn loyalty to the sea; a son who keeps coming back to an island despite his father’s efforts to send him to land; and a woman who cannot leave the sea and her husband who was buried there as a young man, among others. In the latter, the narrator notes that, “The fact that a human being becomes nothing but food the moment he drowns in the ocean, that the strong limbs of my husband became lunch for the underwater creatures, that he was torn to shreds, and that his bones are rolling on the bottom of the ocean, is unbearable. The sea is too large and too deep to be a technolgrave.”


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