Is it true what they say, that passion is what drives humans to life? Isn’t passion a kind of self-hypnosis that drives one towards a hallucination of one’s own making? Invisible but powerful forces, such as enthusiasm and wonder, for instance, compel one towards a mysterious end. They say that sport is an illusion used by a state to mobilize its people. But if not for sports, would people be able to put up with this insane civilization in which they are driven to near insanity and want to go insane but can’t? Humans are creatures of illusion. Sammi Superstars' Last Fan Club, a novel by Park Min-gyu, tells a story about sports enthusiasts. With a pure love for sports, fans devote themselves to the object of their adoration. What kinds of things took place in Korea in 1982? Students were desperately memorizing the Charter of National Education. At five o’clock in the afternoon, everyone would stop what they were doing and stand still, facing the national flag with hands on their chests. They would “pledge their allegiance to the flag whenever and wherever,” and “sing all four verses of the national anthem, which they couldn’t do without.” A boy who has just entered middle school posts on his desk a slogan that says, “Boys, be ambitious!”



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