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    Results of the Feedback Event

    A big thank you to everyone who participated in our digital library of Korean literature user feedback events held from November 1 to 10, 2017. 

    Congratulations to all the winners! 


    [List of Winners] 

    1 Alexandra Prevot
    2 Álvaro Trigo Maldonado
    3 Bram
    4 cho youngeun
    5 Declan O'Driscoll
    6 Diego
    7 Enkar Ang
    8 Gilson José Fagundes Júnior
    9 Hoda
    10 Jennifer
    11 Jenny Shields
    12 Jeremy Rogers
    13 Jimin Suh
    14 John Armstrong
    16 Kim Harrison
    17 Laura Hernandez
    18 marianella vilchez
    19 Marko
    20 Melissa Rubio dos Santos
    21 Merlini Benedetta
    22 Michelle Correa
    23 Nadezda
    24 Philip C. Partington
    25 Philipp Sauter
    26 Rachid dahmani
    27 Raquelle
    28 Reyna Santiago
    29 Sebastian Parodi
    30 Stephenie Yap Shi Ying
    31 Sung Ryu
    32 supriya kodikal
    33 Theresia Pudyastuti
    34 Victoria Caudle
    35 Viridiana Bautista
    36 Yoon Jeong Oh
    37 Yuliya Panchina
    38 감도경
    39 권효경
    40 박지현
    41 양미래
    42 염수연
    43 오오세루미코
    44 이슬아
    45 이시아
    46 이은옥
    47 이정국
    48 이헌
    49 정슬인
    50 정의석


    ※ Disclaimer

    - Winners will be personally contacted through the email address provided next week. 
    - Please check your email and send a response message in order for us to send you the prize. 
    - Winners will automatically be disqualified in the case of failing to respond after 2 notifications. 
    - Please note that the winner is responsible for any additional taxes or deductions that may apply.

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    [Invited Lecture] Critic Wakamatsu Eisuke, "World of Language and World of Meaning"


    Time: Novermber 23 (Thursday), 2017 19:00~ 

    Place: LTI Korea Library 

    How to attend: Advance reservation via email (

    Reception: Until midnight on Sunday, November 19, 2017

    ※ Anyone interested can attend and the fee is free. 

    ※ Lecture will be conducted in Japanese and there will be a Korean interpreter.


    Critic Wakamatsu Eisuke

    Literary critic and essayist. Born in 1968. Graduated from Keiō University, where he majored in French literature. One of his most recent books is Tamashii ni fureru: Daishinsai to ikiteiru shisha (Coming in Contact with Souls: The Tōhoku Quake and the Dead Who Remain Alive). Among his other works are critical essays on Japanese thinkers, such as Izutsu Toshihiko (1914–93), a professor and author of books on Islam and other religions, and Uchimura Kanzō (1861–1930), a Japanese Christian who influenced many writers and intellectual leaders of modern Japan.



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    [Event] Digital Library of Korean Literature User Feedback

    Get Involved In the Event   >> English   >> Korean

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    Book Donation Program Statistics at 2016

     Annual Statistics about National and International Book Donation Program

    No. Domestic/Overseas The numbers of donator The numbers of donated books species The numbers of donated books
    2016 Domestic 70 1,125 1,536
    Overseas 83 1,538 1,612


     Book Donation Program Statistics for organization types

    Main Donator 2016
    The numbers of donator The numbers of donated books species The numbers of donated books
    Hub Library Members Program 33 1,190 1,202
    Diplomatic Office,
    Korean Culture Center
    7 211 226

    Libraries Abroad

    6 94 94
    National Libraries 7 628 815
    National and International
    event support
    8 249 275
    Others 92 291 563
    Total 153 2,663 3,175

    * Libraries Abroad(University Libraries, Public Libraries etc.) 



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