The Library provides various materials from overseas Korean literature events.


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    • Spain

    LIBER International Book Fair

    2003/10/01 to 2003/10/04
    LTI Korea has participated in the promotion of literature aimed at foreign publishers held in Madrid, Spain for up to four days from October 1 to conflict of publishers 21th LIBER International Book Fair (Feria internacional del libro). The Book Fair in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain every year by...
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    • Mexico

    The Guadalajara International Book Fair

    2012/11/25 to 2012/12/04
    The Guadalajara International Book Fair, the biggest fair in Central and South America, was held from November 25th to December 2nd, LTI Korea introduced various programs and showcased a diverse range of Korean literature translations, including literature, humanities, and children's books. LTI...
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    • Brazil

    50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties between Korea and Brazil

    2009/10/05 to 2009/10/13
    LTI Korea held a literary event in celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Brazil in São Paulo, Brazil, in South America, the continent farthest away from Korea. Novelist Lee Ho-chul, poet Sin Dal-ja, and literary critic Kwon O-ryong, among others, visited Brazil to...
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    • Republic of Korea

    Seoul International Book Fair

    2007/06/01 to 2007/06/06
    LTI Korea publicized Korean literature effectively again in 2007, participating Seoul international book fairs through book exhibitions, book-publication ceremonies, literary readings, and programs for meeting with writers.
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    • Italy

    Forum : Korea-Italy

    2004/10/20 to 2004/10/21
    To celebrate the 120 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Italy, Ca' Foscari University of Venice was held the 1st Korea Italy poetry forum.
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    • Argentina

    The Publication Party of Spanish Translation

    2012/10/25 to 2012/11/11
    Publication party and conference, organization of translated poetry reading festival
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    • Mongolia

    Literature Event for Anniversary of Korea-Mongolia Diplomatic Relations

    2010/09/07 to 2010/09/10
    In September 2010, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Mongolia a literary event was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Novelist Hyun Gil-un, Oh Jung-hee and poet Park Mi-san attended from Korea and from Mongolia, the Chairman of the Mongolian Literary Writer’s...
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    • USA

    University Of Iowa, International Creative Program

    2008/08/23 to 2008/11/18
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    • Germany

    Berlin Creative Workshop and Reading Of Works

    2005/09/17 to 2005/09/21
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    • France

    Essay Contests on Korean Literature for Overseas Readers

    2012/05/01 to 2012/10/30
    In 2012, seventeen Essay Contests on Korean Literature for the Overseas Readers were held in sixteen countries on various assigned works of Korean literature. Having stared with contests in only three countries in 2005, the contest has expanded substantially, and this year, the contest was open,...