International Events

The Library provides various materials from overseas Korean literature events.


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    • USA

    American Literary Translators Association(ALTA)

    2016/10/06 to 2016/10/11
    Celebrating and promoting the publication of two English translated titles of Korean literature written by Bae Suah, A Greater Music, published by Open Letter Books in October 2016, and Recitation, announced to be published by Deep Vellum Publishing in January 2017, LTI Korea sponsored Bae Suah and...
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    • Japan

    Tokyo International Book Fair

    2016/09/23 to 2016/09/25
    LTI Korea participated in the 2016 Tokyo International Book Fair (TIBF), held from September 23 to 25, and held events in Tokyo and Fukuoka. LTI Korea took writers Kim Insuk and Cheon Un-yeong to Japan this year. Cheon saw the Japanese translation of her novel Ginger released early this year by...
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    • Republic of Korea

    Import/Export_Marseille, Seoul

    2016/10/10 to 2016/10/14
    LTI Korea hosted French and Korean poets in Seoul from October 10–14 for the second session of the poetry translation atelier. The joint translation workshop titled “Import/Export_ Marseille, Seoul” was run in collaboration with the Centre International de Poésie Marseille as part of the...
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    • Brazil

    Events in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    2016/09/15 to 2016/09/17
    LTI Korea held a “Meet the Poet” event in collaboration with the Korean Studies Department at the University of São Paulo and attended the 4th Pauliceia Literary Festival. Poet Oh Sae-young met with around twenty students of the Korean Studies Program at the University of São Paulo on September 15...
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    • China

    Events in Hangzhou, China

    2016/09/10 to 2016/09/11
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    • China

    The Beijing International Book Fair

    2016/08/24 to 2016/08/28
    LTI Korea participated at the 23nd Beijing International Book Fair in China from August 24 to 28, 2016. The fair was held at the China International Exhibition Centre (New Venue). The CEECs(Committee of European Economic Cooperation) was the Guest of Honor this year.
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    • China

    Shanghai International Literary Week

    2016/08/16 to 2016/08/22
    LTI Korea participated at the 2016 Shanghai Book Fair in China from August 16 to 22 with writer Bae Suah, Lee Hye-kyung. The fair was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.
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    • United Kingdom

    The British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) Translation Workshop

    2016/07/24 to 2016/07/30
    Continuing the partnership forged last year with the British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT), LTI Korea sponsored students to take part in the International Literary Translation and Creative Writing Summer School, held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England from July 24 to 30...
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    • Ireland

    The International Literature Festival in Dublin

    2016/05/21 to 2016/05/28
    The International Literature Festival Dublin is UNESCO city of literature Dublin’s most popular literary festival and was first held in 1998. LTI Korea held an event with writer Lee Seung-U on May 28, emceed by The Irish Times literary editor and critic Eileen Battersby. At the event, Lee read an...